Order Approving Oneida/NYS Settlement Agreement and Dismissing Interventions — UPDATED

Here is the order approving the settlement agreement between the Oneida Indian Nation and the State of New York, and dismissing both the Cayuga Nation and Stockbridge-Munsee Community’s motions for intervention.

UPDATE — briefs are here:

280-2 Cayuga Motion to Intervene

288 Oneida Response to CN Motion

289 Interior Response to CN Motion

290 NY Response to CN Motion

293 Cayuga Reply

300 MJ R&R Recommending Grant of CN Motion

303-1 Stockbridge-Munsee Motion to Intervene

312 NY Plaintiffs Objection to R&R

313 Oneida Objection to R&R

319 Settlement and Stipulation

326 NY Plaintiffs Response to SMC Motion

327 Oneida Response to SMC Motion

329 Interior Response to SMC Motion

332 Stockbridge Munsee Reply

344 Interior ROD Amendment