2 thoughts on “Northern Express Article on the Burt Lake Burnout and Burt Lake Band

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    This was a tragic event and I am proud to say that in 2009, myself, Frank Raslich, Kate Fredrick and Alice Wright and Casey Barrier from U of Michigan under the direction of Dr. Meghan Howey and Dr. Tim Horsley helped the Burt Lake band reestablish cemetery markers. Using ground penetrating radar, we were able to relocate the burials behind the church mentioned in this article. The original markers were wooden and burned down during the fire, as it said, only the church was sparred. It was an extremely moving experience as members of the band came forth with stories about where their loved ones were buried once we showed them the map that was able to be created. The Ogitchedaw warriors society made temporary markers for each grave and we were invited to ceremony afterwards. It was truly special to see archaeology at work to help a community heal in a small way. Thank you Burt Lake Band for giving us the opportunity.

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