New Article by Lorinda Riley on the Role of Politics in Federal Recognition

Lorinda Riley has published “When a Tribal Entity Becomes a Nation: The Role of Politics in the Shifting Federal Recognition Regulations,” in the American Indian Law Review.

Here is a description excerpted from the article’s introduction:

This article explores how each presidential administration has both shaped and bent the federal recognition regulations to fulfill its political priorities. By merging a quantitative analysis of each administration’s federal recognition record and the political realities that each administration faced, this study provides a rare inquiry into the political nature of the recognition process. First, this article examines the regulatory history of federal recognition, including a detailed discussion of various versions of the regulation and accompanying guidance published by the Department of the Interior (DOI). Then the article provides an overview of how politics play into the regulatory process and the implementation of regulation. Finally, the article re-visits each administration’s actions related to federal recognition, and considers how each administration has utilized these regulations to serve its own political priorities.



One thought on “New Article by Lorinda Riley on the Role of Politics in Federal Recognition

  1. Olivia January 30, 2016 / 5:32 pm

    It’s quite unsettling to know the incredibly difficult and timely process for a tribe to become federally recognized. When in reality, no tribe should have ever been ‘terminated’. Although this reality is harsh, I find comfort in the resiliency of our people and that we have never stopped fighting. This article was well worth it’s time and mainstream society needs to acknowledge that America was built on ‘political priorities’ and nothing more. Thank you for sharing this.

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