Materials in Major Closed ICWA Cases 2013-Present

Documents on Oglala Sioux Tribe v. Fleming (Van Hunnik)(cert denied)

Whitney v. United States (D. Maine)(voluntarily dismissed)

Fisher v. Cook, Sweeney (W.D. Ark.)(withdrawn in federal court)

Watso v. Lourey (Piper) (8th Cir. decision in favor of tribal jurisdiction)

(Americans for Tribal Court Equality v. Piper D. Minn. (stayed pending appeal in Watso v. Piper)

Documents in A.D. v. Washburn (Goldwater Litigation) (cert denied)

R.K.B. v. E.T. (In re B.B.)(Cert denied)

Renteria v. Tulare County District Court (Cert denied)

S.S. v. Colorado River Indian Tribes (Cert denied)

Documents in Doe v. Piper (Minnesota IFPA Litigation) (dismissed as moot)

Documents for In re Alexandria P. (Cert denied)

Documents in C.E.S. (Donn) v. Nelson (Michigan IFPA Litigation) (dismissed without prejudice)

Documents in Doe v. Pruitt (OICWA Litigation) (dismissed)

Documents in Nat’l Council for Adoption v. Jewell (Guidelines Litigation)(dismissed as moot)

Documents in Renteria v. Shingle Springs Band of Miwok Indians (dismissed, in state court, petition for review to CA Supreme Court)

Documents in Watso v. Jacobson (dismissed)

Baby Girl Materials