Texas v. Zinke Fifth Circuit Documents


En Banc Materials:


Brackeen Judicial Breakdown Chart:

Screen Shot 2022-09-26 at 2.35.37 PM

Amicus Briefs pro-ICWA:


Indian Law Profs

Tribes and Tribal Orgs

Con Law Profs

Members of Congress Brief


Quapaw Nation

Ablavsky-Originalism Brief

Native Women and ACLU

Amicus Briefs anti-ICWA




Project on Fair Representation_amicus

Goldwater Institute, et al_amicus

Principle Supplemental Briefs:

Appellant Tribes En Banc Brief

Appellant Feds En Banc Brief

2019-12-13 Intervenor Navajo En Banc Brief

Individual Plaintiffs_Supplemental Brief

State_Supplemental Brief

Rehearing Petition Briefs:

Fifth Circuit Order Granting Rehearing En Banc

US Response Brief

Tribal Intervenor Response Brief

Amicus Goldwater

Amicus Christian Alliance

Amicus New Civil Liberties Alliance



Fifth Circuit Panel Materials:

Final Decision

Oral Arguments

Reply Briefs by Tribal Intervenors and Federal Government

Appellant Tribes’ Reply Brief

Federal Reply Brief

Intervenor Navajo Nation Reply Brief

Principal and Amicus Briefs on the State and Individual Plaintiff side (Anti-ICWA)





Goldwater Cato AAAA Amicus


Principal and Amicus Briefs on the Tribal Defendant/Intervenor and Federal Side (Pro-ICWA)

Appellant Tribes Brief

Appellant Federal Parties

Congressional Amicus Brief

Constitutional Law Profs Brief

Casey Family Programs and Thirty Child Welfare Organizations Amicus Brief

21 State Attorneys General Amicus Brief

Indian Law Scholars Amicus Brief

325 Tribal Governments and 57 Tribal Organizations Amicus Brief

Navajo Nation Motion to Intervene and Proposed Brief

Prof. Ablavsky Amicus Brief

UKB Amicus Brief

Native American Women’s Amicus Brief

Motion Practice and Orders Prior to Main Filings

Order Granting Stay Pending Appeal

Order Granting Motion to Expedite Appeal

190_US Notice of Appeal

Appellees_Opposed Motion to Expedite Appeal

Appellees_ Opposition to Motion to Stay Pending Appeal

Tribal Motion for Stay Pending Appeal

187_Notice of Appeal