Legal Materials


Treaty of Washington (1836)

Treaty of Detroit (1855)

Cases and Case Materials:

U.S. v. Michigan [Fox Decision]

– District Court Order — May 9, 1980

– Sixth Circuit Order — May 28, 1980

– District Court Order — July 9, 1980

– District Court Order — Nov. 13, 1980

– Sixth Circuit Order — July 10, 1981

– District Court Order — Aug. 18, 1981

– Tribes Opposition to Michigan Cert Petition — Nov. 1981

— District Court Order — March 19, 1982

U.S. v. Michigan — 1985 Consent Decree

— District Court Order — May 31, 1985 [Rejection of BMIC Plan]

— District Court Order — May 26, 1987

— District Court Order — April 21, 1993

U.S. v. Michigan — 2000 Consent Decree

US v. Michigan Inland Litigation

— United States Supplemental Complaint

— Denial of Intervention of Private Property Owners

– Tribes CA6 Brief

— 2007 Consent Decree

TOMAC v. State I [1998 Compacts — Mich. S. Ct. 2004]

– Brief of Amicus Curiae [GTB, Hannahville, KBIC, LVD, Gun Lake]

– Brief of Amicus Curiae [LTBB, LRB, Pokagon, Huron Nottawaseppi]

TOMAC v. State II [LTBB Amendment — Mich. S. Ct. 2007]

Baird v. Norton [1998 Compacts — CA6 2001]

GTB v. US Attorney [Turtle Creek Casino — DCT Opinion 1999]

NIGC Opinion [Turtle Creek Casino]

GTB v. US Attorney [Turtle Creek Casino — DCT Opinion 2002]

GTB v. US Attorney [Turtle Creek Casino — CA6 Opinion 2004]

– GTB CA6 Brief

Tribes v. Engler CA6 1993 [IGRA Good Faith Lawsuit]

Tribes v. Engler CA6 1998 [Revenue Sharing]

Tribes v. Engler CA6 2001 [Revenue Sharing]

GTB v. DNR [Leland & Northport Marinas – DCT 1995]

GTB v. DNR [Leland & Northport Marinas – CA6 1998]

GTB v. DNR [Leland & Northport Marinas – CA6 1998 — Atty Fees]

– Township of Leland Cert Petition

– GTB Cert Opposition

Leelanau Indians Inc. v. US Dept. Housing & Urban Development

Grand Traverse Band v. Leelanau Indians, Inc.

— GTB Motion for Summary Judgment (1987)

Leelanau County v. Grand Traverse Band

— GTB Motion to Dismiss (1987)

Duhamel v. DNR

— Duhamel Motion for Summary Judgment

Tribes v. Ferroclad Fishery

In re Adams (Adams v. GTB EDA)

GTB v. McCloskey

Leelanau Transit Inc. v. GTB

US v. Hedden [Embezzlement from GTB]

US v. BMIC et al. [Johnson Act injunction]

In re Little Traverse Bay Bands of Ottawa Indians

LTBB Indian Lands Opinion [Mackinaw City — 1997]

LTBB Indian Lands Opinion [Victories — 1999]

LTBB, GTB, LRB v. Great Spring Waters [Perrier bottling case]

Sault Tribe v. US [LTBB Gaming Lands DCT 1999]

Sault Tribe v. US [LTBB Gaming Lands CA6 2001]

Sault Tribe v. US [LTBB Gaming Lands CA6 2002]

Grutter v. Bollinger & Gratz v. Bollinger [Tribal Amicus Brief: GTB, LRB, LTBB, et al.]

Children v. Regents of the University of Michigan


1872 Act, 17 Stat. 381

1875 Act, 18 Stat. 516

1876 Act, 19 Stat. 55

LTBB and LRB Act

Michigan Indian Land Claims Settlement Act

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