2018 ILPC TICA Conference Materials

We are so glad you were able to attend the 2018 ILPC/TICA Indigenous Law Conference. Below you will find presentation materials as well as links or references that were mentioned during the conference.

Electronic version of 15th Annual Conference program for CLE purposes

MSU American Indian and Indigenous Studies Land Acknowledgement


Pre-Conference Activities November 14, 2018

Family First – NAICJA 2018 – final – MSU

Day 1 November 15, 2018

Panel 1: Tribes, Treaties and Time

Spruhan_Treaty Presentation

Mills_Treaty Presentation

Whiteman Runs Him_Treaty Presentation

Panel 2: Effective Partnering with your Federal Trustee

Prince_Shepard_Carrerio_Pfister_Effective Partnering with our Federal Trustee

Panel 3: World Justice Project

Ponce_Rule of Law in the US

Tompkins_World Justice Project Rule of Law

Panel 4: Filling the Pipeline

Intermill_Jurss_Felix_Filling the Pipeline

All Nations Moot Court Video

Intermill_Written Materials

Syllabus example: Student Success Program

Day 2 November 16, 2018

Panel 5: Tribal Self-Regulation of Health Care


Patterson_Tribal Self-Reg of Health Care

Strommer_Tribal Self Regulation Driving Innovation in Health Care and SPA Appeal


Panel 6: Murphy V. Royal Overview and Implications





Panel 7: Litigating Difficult ICWA Cases

Murphy_Improper Influences in ICWA Cases

Nickel_ Litigating Difficult ICWA Cases

Olson_ICWA Notice and Inquiry

Panel 8: Professional Responsibility and Ethical Obligations



Smith Presentation and Bio