Cases and Materials on Federal Indian Law (7th Edition 2017)

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This book is the leading law school casebook on federal Indian law, with an unprecedented focus on Native nation building, including cutting-edge materials on tribal economies and tribal justice systems unavailable elsewhere. The Sixth Edition retains classic material on the history of federal Indian law and policy, including the medieval origins of the “Doctrine of Discovery,” and the shifting eras of Indian law leading to the current nation-building era. The book covers the federal tribal relationship, tribal sovereignty and jurisdiction, Indian religion and culture, water rights, treaty rights, rights of Alaska natives and native Hawaiians, and international legal perspectives.

One thought on “Cases and Materials on Federal Indian Law (7th Edition 2017)

  1. thelma louise Hodge October 21, 2014 / 4:34 pm

    my maternal grandmother was just one of the many “lost” Cherokee Indians who moved from Kentucky to Arkansas , but was treated unfair. I am trying to find out just WHY she was given such a hard time enrolling in her tribe. She has many court cases filed within the National Archives. Help? Her name was Mary e Hammons- Marlow. However no one in her family could read or write. I have found many records with misspelled names.

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