Constitutional Law I (Fall 2009 Materials)

Constitutional Law I Fall 2009 Syllabus

NOTE for Dec. 4 — the 5PM review session will be in Room 472.

Spring 2007 Practice Exam Questions

Spring 2007 Final Exam

Spring 2008 Final Exam

Spring 2009 Practice Exam Question

Final Exam Spring 2009

First Review Session — Thursday, Nov. 4, 7:45-9PM @ Room 472.

Second Review Session — Friday, Dec. 4, 5 PM @ Room TBA.

Also — my office hours will be Tuesday mornings (10-noon) and by appointment.

Week 2 Discussion Questions

Week 4 Discussion Questions

Week 7 Discussion Questions

Week 8 Discussion Questions

Week 9 Discussion Questions

Week 10 Discussion Questions

Week 11 Discussion Questions

Required Materials:

Cherokee Cases and President Jackson

United States v. Kagama excerpts (word version)

United States v. Lara

Seminole Tribe v Florida

Johnson v. Eisentrager

Hamdan v. Rumsfeld

Boumediene v. Bush

United States v. United States District Court (Keith Case)

In re Subpoena to Nixon

New York v United States Cert Pool Memo

US v Lopez Cert Pool Memo

Certiorari Materials

TSP Cert Petition

Recommended Background Materials:

Marbury Background Materials

McCulloch Background Materials

Wickard v Filburn Background Materials

Seminole Tribe Background Materials

Boerne Background Materials

Amicus Brief by Quirin Historians

Missouri v Holland Materials

Natl League Background Materials

Steel Seizure Case Background Materials

Lopez Background Materials

Hamdan Law Stories

Fletcher, Preconstitutional Federal Power (materials on Curtiss-Wright etc.)

US v Nixon Background Part 1

US v Nixon Background Part 2

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