In re Alexandria P.

A note on using a child’s name for this page–that is the name of the only reported appellate case in this situation. It’s the citation we all have to use.

SCOTUS Documents

California Documents

Docket from the California Court of Appeals for the In re Alexandria P. (I) appellate decision.

Turtle Talk post on the case.

Docket from the California Supreme Court denying review.

Docket from the unpublished decision (In re Alexandria P. (II)) after lower court kept placement order with extended family.

Docket for In Re Alexandria P. (III) including the March Petition for Writ of Supersedeas in the Court of Appeals and litigation in the Court of Appeals.

Statement from NICWA

Turtle Talk post

Follow up Statement from NICWA

Statement from Choctaw Nation

Statement from NCAI

Statement from the California CLC

Turtle Talk post

Denial of writ of supersedeas and transfer to California Supreme Court.

Turtle Talk post

Court of Appeals decision (In re Alexandria P. (III)) upholding placement with family.