Indian Law Job Announcements

Want to post a job announcement to Turtle Talk? First, please read our recent post.

We strive to regularly posts Indian law job announcements on Turtle Talk. They can be found by searching for “jobs” in the search bar.  A list of postings that include “jobs” as a category or tag is available here and here. Vacancies are posted on Friday and some announcements might still appear throughout the week.

Job announcements for law students are also commonly posted with the category or tag “jobs,” and are included in the lists in the above links.  Occasionally, we post summer clerkships using the category or tag of “clerkship” or “internship” instead of “jobs.”  These postings can be found here and here.  In addition, the National Native American Law Students Association (NNALSA) posts job announcements for students here.

Post To Turtle Talk

If you’d like to post a job announcement on Turtle Talk, please send the following to and your position will be posted on Friday along with other job announcements:

  1. In the email body, a typed brief description of the position which includes position title, location (city, state), main duties, closing date, and any other pertinent details such as links to application;
  2. An attached PDF job announcement.


Other Sources for Job Announcements

Many tribes post job openings on their own websites.  A sampling of tribal attorney postings on tribal government websites using the “” domain can be found here.  To perform a narrower search for tribal attorney positions, applicants should review the human resources websites and tribal newspapers of tribal governments in their targeted region.

The National Native American Bar Association (NNABA) also posts employment opportunities.  These job postings are available here.  Applicants should also search the local listings posted by regional Native American Bar Associations.  A list of several of these regional bar associations is below.

In addition, many state bars have Indian law sections, so applicants should also search for job announcements on the websites and newsletters of these sections:

NCAI posts a diverse array of job announcements, including some positions for attorneys.  Open positions displayed on the NCAI website can be viewed here.

NARF posts a valuable list of online resources for finding attorneys, law firms, legal aid providers, and law school clinics here.  Applicants conducting a job search can access these resources to identify potential employers and network contacts.

Attorney positions in Indian law can also be found on other online job boards, such as and  Sample results from a search for “tribal attorney” job announcements posted on these boards are available here and here.

Finally, a guide to tribal court clerkships prepared by Massey Mayo Case and Jill E. Tompkins is available here.  Contact tribal courts directly to inquire about clerkship opportunities.  For an example of tribal court job announcements, see the Navajo Nation Judicial Branch human resources site here and the St. Regis Mohawk Tribal Court law clerk announcement here.  In addition, Turtle Talk periodically posts tribal court clerkship opportunities.