Indian Law (PLSI–Summer 2010)

PLSI Indian Law Syllabus v 2.5 [note, no class on 7/5]

PLSI Summer 2010 materials on Plains Commerce Bank

PLSI Summer 2010 materials on Carcieri

PLSI Summer 2010 materials on Wagnon

Supplemental materials (not required, but often fun or at least interesting):

Johnson v. M’Intosh

Johnson v. M’Intosh Land Claims Map

Fletcher, The Iron Cold of the Marshall Trilogy [includes materials on Johnson and the Cherokee Cases; lengthy, skim only if have time]

The Cherokee Cases (Cherokee Nation & Worcester)

Justice Breyer on the Cherokee Cases (p. 4)

Cherokee Cases and President Jefferson [skim, only if you have plenty of time]

Ex parte Crow Dog

NYTs Article on Spotted Tail’s Murder

B.J. Jones on the Murder [p. 3]

United States v. Kagama

Harvard Law Review on Indians Under the Law (1888-89)

United States Attorneys’ Manual on 18 U.S.C. 1153 [Major Crimes Act]

Lone Wolf v. Hitchcock

Joe Singer on Lone Wolf

More on the Black Hills case and “Deadwood”

Williams v. Lee

Ray Austin on Williams and the Creation of the Navajo Court System [pp. 48-55]

Morton v. Mancari

Fletcher, Original Understanding of the Political Status of Indian Tribes

Lyng v. Northwest Indian Cemetery

Background materials

Fletcher on the American Indian Religious Freedom Act

Talton v. Mayes

Hon. Martin on Cherokee Criminal Law Enforcement

U.S. v. Wheeler

Zeke Fletcher on Wheeler, Oliphant, and Martinez

Merrion v. Jicarilla Apache

Ragsdale on Merrion


Royster on Oliphant

Montana, Strate, and Hicks

Tom Schlosser, Tribal Civil Jurisdiction over Nonmembers

Fletcher, Toward a Theory of Intertribal and Intratribal Common Law

Plains Commerce Bank

Cheyenne River Sioux Tribal Court of Appeals Opinion

United States v. Lara

Fletcher on Lara

Santa Clara Pueblo v. Martinez

MacKinnon on Martinez

Swentzell, Testimony of a Santa Clara Woman

Fletcher on Martinez

Fletcher on the Indian Civil Rights Act

Oklahoma Tax Commission v. Citizen Potawatomi

Fletcher on Tax Agreements

Mississippi Band Choctaw v. Holyfield

Fletcher on ICWA’s Constitutionality

Survey of ICWA’s Legislative History

California v. Cabazon Band

Fletcher on Indian Gaming

Wagnon v. Prairie Band Potawatomi

Fletcher’s Kaiser Soze Theory of Indian Law [first 11 pages]

Menominee Tribe & Winans

Fletcher on Menominee Tribe v. US

Fletcher & Singel on Indian Treaties and Environmental Law

Fishing Vessel

Fletcher on US v Washington

Sherrill v. OIN

Singel & Fletcher on Sherrill

Carcieri v. Salazar

Carcieri Law Profs Amicus Brief

3 thoughts on “Indian Law (PLSI–Summer 2010)

  1. neomi gilmore June 6, 2010 / 2:12 pm

    why is the location of land in dispute important?

  2. Neomi Gilmore June 19, 2010 / 12:27 pm

    Good Morning Dr. Flectcher,

    The file Swentzell, Testimony of a Santa Clara Woman is not opening. I am not sure if its a computer compatibility issue, but an error of file damages keeps popping up.


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