State And Tribal Pro Hac Vice Rules for ICWA Cases



California: Court Rule (local association) Law 20170AB3047_96 (fees)

Colorado Rule 205.3(8)

Kansas Rule 116

Michigan Rule 8.126

Minnesota Rule 3.06

Nebraska Neb. Rev. Stat. 43-1504(3)

Oregon UTCR 3.170

Washington, APR 8

Wisconsin Rule SCR 10.03(4) (cm)


Proposed (need final adopted rule):

Utah 14-806(r)


Wisconsin–the pro hac waiver was a friendly amendment to the proposal to increase pro hac fees. That proposal was voted down, so the waiver was as well. We anticipate doing an independent rule change in the future (see FN 4). ETA see above for new WI rule amendment just on ICWA Pro Hac

Arizona No reason given


HCN R. Civ. Pro. R. 16(C)

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