Selected Fletcher Presentations

The Turtle Talk Talk

The Law and Philosophy of Indian Hating

Difficult Clients TICA CLE

What Every Minnesota Judge Needs to Know about Indian Law

The Supreme Court and the Economics of Tribal Resistance

Chimookoman Dibaakonigaade: The 2016 Term (so far)

Johnson v. McIntosh

Foundations of Law — Oliphant v. Suquamish – 2017

Tribal Civil, Criminal, and Regulatory Jurisdiction

Michigan Indians, or Anishinaabek 2016

Michigan Indians and Assimilation

Michigan Indian Treaties

Federal Indian Law: Overview

The Removal of the Ohio Ottawas

Factbound and Splitless

Certiorari and Indian Law

The Tenth Justice Lost in Indian Country

MDOT Presentation

Michigan Indian Tuition Waiver 2009

Nuts and Bolts of Appellate Judging [PPT]//Nuts and Bolts of Appellate Judging [PDF]

Judicial Ethics [PDF]//Judicial Ethics [PPT]