Academic Materials

Assikinack, Legends and Traditions of the Odahwah Indians

Bauman, Kansas, Canada or Starvation

Bieder, Sault Ste. Marie and the War of 1812

Chamberlain, Nanibozhu amongst the Otchipwe et al.

Chamberlain, The Twenty-One Precepts of the Ottawa Indians [Andrew Blackbird]

Cleland, The Inland Shore Fishery of the Northern Great Lakes

Clifton, Michigan’s Indians: Tribe, Nation, Estate, Racial, Ethnic, or Special Interest Group?

Fitting & Cleland, Late Historic Settlement Patterns in the Upper Great Lakes

Friday, Morality or Legality? The Burt Lake Indians and the Burning of Indianville

Fuller, Settlement of Michigan Territory

Gills, Navigating the Landscape of Assimilation: The Anishnabeg, the Lumber Industry, and the Failure of Federal Indian Policty in Michigan

Gray, Limits and Possibilities: White-Indian Relations in Western Michigan in the Era of Removal

Gray, Local Speculator as Confidence Man: Mumford Eldred, Jr. and the Michigan Land Rush

Gray, Miengun’s Children

Greenman, Chieftainship among Michigan Indians

Greenman, Indian Chiefs of Michigan

Hallowell, Concordance of Ojibwe Narratives in Schoolcraft

Hickerson, Feast of the Dead

Hill, The New Buffalo: A Comparative Examination of Tribal Casino Gaming in Michigan

Hinsdale, Indian Corn Culture in Michigan

Horsman, British Indian Policy in the Northwest, 1807-1812

Keller, America’s Native Sweet: Chippewa Treaties and the Right to Harvest Native Sugar

Keller, On Teaching Indian History

MacLeod, The Anishinabeg Point of View

Maxwell, Pontiac Before 1763

Middleton, Pontiac: Local Warrior or Pan-Indian Leader?

Neumeyer, Michigan Indians Battle Against Removal

Noori, The Complex World of Jane Johnston Schoolcraft

Pearson, Lewis Cass and the Politics of Indian Disease

Pflug, “Pimadiziwin”: Contemporary Rituals in Odawa Community

Pilling, Indian Earthworks Near Mt. Clemens

Ramirez-skwegnaabi, The Dynamics of American Indian Diplomacy

Reinhardt, A Comparative Socio-Historical Content Analysis of Treaties and Current American Indian Education Legislation with Implications for the State of Michigan

Rivers, A Study of the Laws of the Ottawa Indians as Preserved in the Ottawa First Book (1850)

Rubenstein, To Destroy a Culture: Indian Education in Michigan, 1855-1900

Rubenstein, Justice Denied: Indian Land Frauds in Michigan, 1855-1900

Satz, Indian Policy in the Jacksonian Era: The Old Northwest as a Test Case

Secunda, The Road to Ruin? Civilization and the Origins of a Michigan Road Band of Potawatomi

Stark, Respect, Responsibility, and Renewal

Szylvian, Transforming Lake Michigan into the World\’s Greatest Fishing Hole

Tanner, Mapping the Grand Traverse Indian Country

Taylor, Assiginack’s Canoe

Vogel, The Missionary as Acculturation Agent: Peter Doughtery and the Indians of Grand Traverse

Wacker, Michigan Gambling: The Interactions of Native American, Detroit, and Canadian Casinos

Walker, Indian Burial Customs

Walker, Indian Camp Meeting at Greensky Hill

Walker, Indian Feast for the Dead

Walz, Andrew Jackson Blackbird of L’Arbre Croche

Warrick, American Indian Policy in the Upper Northwest Following the War of 1812

Weer, Ethnological Notes on the Ottowas

White, Ethnohistory of the Grand Traverse Band [Part 1] [Part 2]

Wiles, A Bitter Memory’ — The Burt Lake Burn-out of 1900

Wiles, Cheboygan’s First People Part 1

Wiles, Cheboygan’s First People Part 2

Wilson, Personal Recollections of the Passenger Pigeon

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