MSU ILPC Student and Alum Publications

Carr, Origins and Development of the Mandatory Critera within the Federal Acknowledgment Process

Carr, Protecting Intangible Cultural Resources

Carr, Asserting Treaty Rights to Harness the Wind on the Great Lakes

Fort, Observing Change: The Indian Child Welfare Act and State Courts

Fort, The Vanishing Indian Returns

Fort, Beyond Minimum Standards

Fort, Channeling Thought

Fort, Disruption and Impossibility

Fort, Law Enforcement and Cooperative Public Safety Agreements

Fort, The Inequities of Federal Indian Law

Fort, The New Laches

Fort, Waves of Education

Fort & Vicaire, The Invisible Families

Jurss, Halting the Slide Down the Sovereignty Slope

Korthase, Michael Petoskey: Finding the Common Ground

McGowan-Cuellar, Indian Child Welfare Act: Protecting the Next Seven Generations

Schuler, Modern Age Protection, Protecting Indigenous Knowledge….

Sweet, Extracting More Than Resources

Sweet, Rising Waters, Rising Threats

Sweet, Book Review [Unmasking Deep Democracy]

Sweet, Book Review [Nobody Here Will Harm You]

Vicaire, Two Roads Diverged: A Comparative Analysis of Indigenous Rights in a North American Constitutional Context

Vicaire, Indian Wars: Old and New (w/ Fletcher)

Zark, Use of Native American Tribal Names as Marks

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