Professional Responsibility (Spring 2020)

Assignment #1

Bullshit and the Tribal Client

Papercuts: Hierarchical Microaggressions in Law Schools (Papercuts Discussion Questions)

Assignment #3

Last assignment — each team will present the issues from each case, with an eye for potential violations of the model rules, with a conclusion about the likelihood of discipline [unless otherwise described below].

April 6 

Alderaan — Sanai v. Kozinski

Hoth — Nault DCT Order

Naboo — BelanusBrief

Qui-Gon — california-sexism-ruling

April 8

Jakuu — Square D DCT Order//Square D Motion

Kashyyyk — McCarter Complaint//McCarter DCT Order

Mandalore — Kuzmin Complaint//Kuzmin DCT Order

Fett — Jiangmen Kinwai Furniture Brief//Jiangmen Kinwai Furniture DCT Order

April 13

Geonosis — Ramos-Barrientoz Complaint//Ramos-Barrientoz DCT Order

Coruscant — [Baker v Allstate] 21 Ex Parte Application for Relief//22 Klee Declaration//37 DCT Minute Order//52 DCT Order

IG-11 — US ex rel Garst v Lockheed Opinion

Lando — Thomas DCT Order

April 15

Dagobah — Belmont v. Kelly Order Re Resolution 16-28 and Due Process; Granting Motion for Judicial Notice

Organa — [Williams & Cochrane litigation] 51-1 motion to disqualify//75 williams response to 51

Bespin — [Williams & Cochrane litigation] 227 WC Motion for Judgment on Pleadings on Counterclaims

Padawan (Chopito/Moore) —  [Williams & Cochrane litigation] 151 W&C Opposition to Rosette MTD [110]

Rodian —  US v Washington amicus_cerf_petitioner

April 20 

Fett — USSF-Arguments

Padawan (Gave/Saliwanchik) — Dubelier-Russia-20190108

Endor (Lombaria) — [Western Sky litigation] Order Granting Plaintiffs Motion for Summary Judgment

Endor (Wandzel/Ware) — Hoopa Valley Tribe v. Jones [Order Denying Motion for Sanctions]