State Bar Exams and Indian Law Materials

Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians, Resolution 04-65, 2004

Galanda, Bar None!: The Social Impact of Testing Federal Indian Law on State Bar Exams, The Federal Lawyer, March/April 2006

Galanda, Indian Law and Bar Exams, The National Law Journal, November 2003

Galanda, Indian Law on the Bar Exam: No Family Left Behind, Indian Law, Spring 2009

Galanda, Letter_to_WSBA_Board_of_Governors_and_Deans_at_WA_Law_Schools

Jamestown S’Kallam, Allen Letter re State Bar Exam Including Indian Law – July 9-2010

Lee, Native American Bar Association, Proposal to Include Indian Law on the New Mexico Bar Examination, December, 2001

Lewis & Campbell, Indian Law: A Needed Addition to the Arizona Bar Exam, Arizona Attorney, May 2009

NCAI, The Examination of Indian Law on State Bar Exams, Resolution #MOH-04-001, June 2004

National Native American Bar Association, Resolution 2004-2, May 2004

Swinomish Tribe, Indian Law Letter 9 10 2010

Valencia-Weber, Indian Law on State Bar Exams: A Situational Report, Federal Lawyer, March/April 2007

Valencia-Weber & Thomas, When the State Bar Exam Embraces Indian Law: Teaching Experiences and Observations, North Dakota Law Review, 2006

South Dakota Unified Judicial System, New Indian Law Question on South Dakota Bar Exam, June 2007

Washington State Bar Association, Federal Indian Jurisdiction on the Washington State Bar Examination, Proposed Resolution with Accompanying Documents, June 2004

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