Haaland v. Brackeen (No. 21-376) Supreme Court Documents

Top Side Principle Briefs

Brackeen_Haaland v. Brackeen — Opening Brief

Texas_Haaland v. Brackeen – Opening Br. for Texas

Top Side Amicus Briefs

CatoGoldwaterFosterParents_Amicus Brief

CJJr_PLF Amicus Brief – BRACKEEN – 2022.06.01 – FINAL

OklahomaOhio_Brackeen Amicus

ProjectforFairRep_21-376 -377 -378 -380 ICWA Amicus Brief

AAAA_21-376 Amicus

NewCivilLiberties_21-378 Amicus NCLA Supp. Pet.

ChristianICWA_21-376 -377 -378 and -380 Brief

CERA_CERF Amicus Brief in Support of No Party -Final-6-2-22

Cert Stage Petitions

Four Tribes Reply

Federal Government Reply

Texas reply

Brackeen Reply

Cert State Amicus Briefs