Advanced Topics in Indian Law (Spring 2012)

Tribal Law Spring 2012 Syllabus

Tribal Banishment Materials

Sovereign Immunity Materials:

Cash Advance Opinion

CIBA Amicus Brief

Agua Caliente v. Superior Court

Wilson v Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians

Wilson v GTB Economic Dev Corp Brief

Bittle v. Bahe

Foxworthy v. Puyallup

Skim Fletcher, Advising and Suing Tribal Officials

Tribal Economic Development Materials

Class #24 (4/3) — Michigan Indian Gaming

1993 Compact

Tribes v Engler Consent Judgment

TOMAC v Michigan

Class #25 (4/5) — Turtle Creek and Gun Lake Casinos

GTB v. US Attorney [Turtle Creek Casino — DCT Opinion 1999]

NIGC Opinion [Turtle Creek Casino]

GTB v. US Attorney [Turtle Creek Casino — DCT Opinion 2002]

GTB v. US Attorney [Turtle Creek Casino — CA6 Opinion 2004]

– GTB CA6 Brief

MichGO v Kempthorne

Patchak v Salazar

Class #26 (4/10) — Per Caps and Revenue Sharing

NNI Per Capita Paper

Rincon Band CA9 Opinion

Z. Fletcher, Negotiating Meaningful Concessions

Class #28 (4/12) — Lansing Casino Proposal Materials

Michigan Indian Land Claims Settlement Act

Judgment Funds Hearing

Eitrem 0207121

SSM v. US and LTBB

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