2016 ILPC/TICA Conference



PowerPoint Presentations and Materials from the Conference

Keynote Address: Professor Kevin Washburn, “Beyond Tribal Self-Governance”

Tribal Risk Management 101: The Basics Every In-House Counsel Needs to Know

Tribes Lobbying Congress: Who Wins and Why: Professor Kirsten Carlson Matoy presentation and handout, Sam Daughety

Cross-Deputization and Intergovernmental Agreements: Professor Rebecca Webster, Paul Spruhan, Professor Monte Mills presentation and handouts: CFR-2015-title36-vol3-part800consult framing paperACHP letter 5-19-16ACHP letter-6-2-16ACHP to USACE 3-15-16BLM solenex determination

Unified Tribal Legal Departments: presentation and handout

Litigation Update: presentation and handout

In-House and Outside Counsel Strategies (Ethics): presentation and handout

Rights-of-Way in Indian Country: Bill Austin, Jennifer Turner

Jurisdiction over Nonmembers: Paul Spruhan, Professor Monte Mills, Lloyd B. Miller

Indian Child Welfare: Sheldon Spotted Elk, April Olson

2016 Tentative Agenda

Conference Sponsorship Information

Materials from 2015 ILPC/TICA Conference