COVID-19 Tribal Documents

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COVID-19 Tribal Government Documents

Bay Mills Indian Community Gnoozhekaaning Shelter At Home–BayMills_SAHResolution

Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe

COVID-19 Facebook Page

Suspend Hunting and Fishing–Suspends Hunting and Fishing for Non-Residents on Reservation 04-01-2020

Checkpoints–Checkpoints to Protect Tribal Members and Residents 04-01-2020

Crow Tribe

Executive Branch Press Release–Press Release 3.14.20

Chairman State of Emergency Declaration–3-15-20 Exec. Order

Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians State of Emergency Order–State of ER 3-13-20

Fort Independence Reservation Tribal Public Health Emergency Resolution– Business Committee Resolution 2020-01



Resolution Tourism Suspension–Reso No 10-20 Re Coronavirus Travel Restriction

Hoopa Valley Emergency Declaration–Resolution 20-08 March 5, 2020

Hopi Nation 

Stay at Home Order–Executive Order #002-2020

Press release–In support of 57-hour curfew

Emergency Response Plan–Emergency Response Plan 4 7 2020

Lower Brule Sioux Tribe–Public Health Emergency Emergency 2020-04-10 COVID-Declaration

Morongo Band State of Emergency–2020.3.17 Morongo Emergency Declaration Covid19

Navajo Nation

Commission on Emergency Management–CEM-20-03-11

Declaration of Emergency Press Release–State of Emergency

Public Health Emergency Order–Public Health Emergency Order 03182020

Public Health Emergency Order 2020-002–2020-002 Dikos Ntsaaigii-19

Public Health Emergency Order 2020-003–2020-003 Dikos Ntsaaigii-19

Public Health Emergency Order 2020-004–Order 2020-004 Dikos Ntsaaigii-19

Public Health Emergency Order 2020-005–Order 2020-005 Dikos Ntsaaigii-19

Public Health Emergency Order 2020-006–Order 2020-006 Dikos Ntsaaigii-19

Public Health Emergency Order 2020-007 (masks)–Order 2020-007 Dikos Ntsaaigii-19

Public Health Emergency Order 2020-014–Order 2020-014 Dikos Ntsaaigii-19

Executive Order 001–NNExecutiveOrderNo001-20 (3)

Executive Order 002–NN Executive Order No 001-20

Executive Order 003–No003-20 Extending office closing

Weekend lockdown and Travel Advisory–Order 2020-015 Dikos Ntsaaigii-19

Oglala Sioux Tribe

Emergency Declaration–RES 20-70 – Reaffirming President’s ED COVID-19

Shelter In Place FAQ–2020-03-27 Health Order FAQs

Pueblo of Laguna Emergency Declaration– POL Emergency Declaration March 20, 2020

Pueblo of Pojoaque

Public Health Order requiring mask use–2020-062

Treatment and Quarantine Resolution–2020-04-02 COVID19

Screening Tool–05_27_2020 Screening Tool

DRAFT Screening Guide–05_27_2020 DRAFT v5.1

DRAFT department checklist–05_27_2020 DRAFT-v4.1

Rosebud Sioux Tribe

Declaration of Emergency–Declaration of Emergency 03-13-2020

Declaration of Emergency UPDATE–03-25-2020

Public Service Announcement–Office of the President & COVID 19 Task Force 03-26-2020

Order–Order of the President of the RST 03-26-2020

Order–Order of the President of the RST REVISED 03-27-2020

RST COVID-19 website

San Carlos Apache State of Emergency–DeclaringStateOfEmergencyCOVID-19

Shivwits Band of Paiutes–Declaration of Public Health Emergency–Resolution Number 2020-04

Southern Ute

Stay at Home Order–0064_001 (003)


Emergency Plan–2020-025–ExhibitA

Standing Rock Sioux Tribe

Executive Order–Corona Virus Awareness 03-30-2020

Public Notice–SRST Public Notice 1 04-02-2020

SRST COVID-19 website

Tohono O’odham Authorizing Action for COVID-19 Public Health Emergency 2020-03

Tulalip Tribes Chapter 11.15 Communicable Diseases


Mutual Aid Agreement–Public Health Mutual Aid Agreement Resolution 18006 (003)

Quarantine Law–Resolution Public Health Quarantine Law

Resolution Amended–COVID 19 command amended

Emergency Declaration–Public Health Emergency Declaration COVID-19

Wichita and Affiliated Tribes Limited Operations–Press Release

Yankton Sioux Tribe State of Emergency–200313 Public Notice COVID 19

COVID-19 Tribal Court Documents

Choctaw Emergency Order–CC-20-0001 FIRST EO COVID 19

Crow Tribe Judicial Branch Standing Order re: Court Operations–No. 2020-01-COVID-19

Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians

Order–Cherokee Tribal Court Order March 13, 2020

Order–Order, March 23, 2020

Order continuing all cases to June 2020–April 6, 2020

Order extending filing deadlines to June 2020 —April 17, 2020

Order extending opening date to June 8th 2020–May 18, 2020

Order–June 8, 2020

Menominee Indian Tribe of Wisconsin Notice–Notice of Emergency and Temporary Measures

Navajo Nation Judicial Branch Order–NNSC AO 14-2020 3-25-20

Oglala Sioux Tribe Attorney General’s Office–AG COVID Checkpoint Map 04-03-2020

Tulalip Tribes

Tribal Court Administrative Standing Order–COVID-19-Emergency-Order-April-06-2020

Healing to Wellness Court Emergency Long-Term Closure Public Notice– COVID19_Wellness_Extended_Plan-4-6

Resolution No. 2020-218 Appointment of Authorized Medical Officer–Appointment of Authorized Medical Officer

Resolution No. 2020-219–Amendments to Tulalip Tribal Code Chapter 11.15, Communicable Diseases


affidavit to exclude covid19
ORDER to exclude covid19
Motion to exclude
ORDER to seal covid19
affidavit to seal covid19
motion to seal covid19

Affidavit Petition for Isolation
Order quarantine covid 19
Petition quarantine covid 19

Other Resources

COVID-19 State and Tribal Court Documents-Child Welfare 

American Indian Health Commission (based in Washington, has helpful models)

CARES ACT Update, Barns & Thornburg LLP (with resources created by the House Committee on Indian Affairs) 4.7.20

Coronavirus in Indian Country: Latest Case Counts May 11, 2020

Department of Health and Human Services Letter to Tribal Leaders and Urban Indian Organization Leaders. March 27, 2020.

DOI Tribal Consultation Letter 3.31.2020- Time Sensitive

Emergency Declarations and Tribes: Mechanisms Under Tribal and Federal Law

NAICJA Pandemic Letter

National Indian Gaming Commission Budgetary Impacts from Coronavirus Pandemic

Navajo Department of Health COVID-19 Dikos Ntsaaígíí-Náhást’éíts’áadah website

Navajo Epidemiology Center Coronavirus Response Hub (with map tracker of COVID-19 NN Cases)

NCAI CARES Act Title V Implementation

Public Health Law: Tribal Emergency Preparedness Law

Public Health Law: Tribal Public Health and the Law Selected Resources

Responding to Public Health Emergencies on Tribal Lands: Jurisdictional Challenges and Practical Solutions

Tribal Preparedness

White House Letter–

Oglala Sioux Tribe written comments on the Coronavirus Relief Funds

Oglala Sioux Tribe Second Comments on CRF (Rev. 1)

4-20-2020 – Tribal Letter to the White House re 100% waiver of FEMA cost and reimbusement adjustment

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