Center Class Fall 2010

Center Class Syllabus Fall 2010

First Week’s Reading Assignments:

Dibakonigowin [pages 220-36]

The Reemergence of Tribal Society and Traditional Justice Systems, by Carey Vicenti

Law School Training of American Indians as Legal Warriors [pages 6-27]

Lawyering For Indigenous People – Roundtable Discussion [skim, but it’s pretty exciting!]

Martin Demand Letter [skim]

LRB Letter to Illinois State Bar [skim, page 10 is there somewhere, but in the wrong order]

Second Week Materials:

GTB Title 6 Sovereign Immunity

Wyoming Xerox Contract

Yurok Independent Contractor Agreement

Third Week Materials:

GTB Submission to Interior re Under Federal Jurisdiction

Submission Attachment 1934 Collier Correspondence

Gun Lake Acknowledgment Materials

S. 1703

Carcieri Fix Report

Carcieri v. Salazar

Bay Mills Charlotte Beach Hearing

Fourth Assignment Materials:

Model Secured Transactions Act

Cultural Sovereignty and Transplanted Law

Drug War on Tribal Government Employees

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