Preview of Gordon Henry’s New Book, “The Failure of Certain Charms”

Salt Publishing‘s Earthworks imprint has just published Gordon Henry‘s book “The Failure of Certain Charms and Other Disparate Signs of Life.”

You can download an excerpt here.

From the Earthworks website:

Unpublished endorsement :  Even knowing, or thinking I know, where some of these poems arose, they take me to another country. Or perhaps they show me the land and people I know in another light, a dreamscape charmed by powerful songs. Not just songs and charms and dreams, though. Gordon Henry’s poems and autobiographical prose interludes defy and resist all labels. As he writes, he is not “… sun priest; trickster, nationalist, exile or anthropocentric; psycho-dramatizer, or dishwasher safe.” Still, when we read these, they will trick and mesmerize and heal and clown us toward knowing, deep blood knowing, and its humbling truths: Relatives and Home.

How can we not laugh then sob and kick this book across the room and pick it back up and kiss it and offer it smoke and let it steal our camera and give it water and make it shit outdoors and pick it up hitching and come home for its funeral and live in it like shelter?

Heid Erdrich

One thought on “Preview of Gordon Henry’s New Book, “The Failure of Certain Charms”

  1. Kevin January 31, 2008 / 2:46 am


    looking through the intertubes in the freeze and thaw of this moon.
    Finding something to look upon, to regard…
    something to chew on, savor and digest

    je’ regarde en avant

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