CQ Press Publishes “Encyclopedia of United States Indian Policy and Law”

Just outside my door this afternoon is the two-volume encyclopedia edited by Paul Finkelman and Tim Alan Garrison (CQ Press site here). Law profs Stacy Leeds, Judy Royster, and Rennard Strickland served on the editorial advisory board (and contributed several entries).

A veritable plethora of “Friends of Turtle Talk” (friends whether they know it or not!) contributed entries as well — Sebastian Braun, David J. Carlson, Christopher Chaney, Gavin Clarkson, Trent Crable (Turtle Talk contributor), Jill Doerfler, Angelique Eaglewoman, Kathryn Fort (Turtle Talk editor and contributor), Patrice Kunesh, Del Laverdure (the founder of MSU’s Indigenous Law and Policy Center), Vicki Limas, Doris LongChristian McMillen, Bob Miller, Cornel Pewewardy, Keith Richotte, Dean Suagee, Melissa Tatum, David Wilkins, and Mary Christina Wood — just to name a few!