Marginally Changed Turtle Talk

There are some minor changes to Turtle Talk–here’s a quick overview:

The search function is now at the top of the sidebar on the right, along with the top posts (these are the most visited posts in the past 24-48 hours). Under that we’ve moved to a two column sidebar to try to reduce clutter. If you are looking for the RSS feed for posts or comments, that is now down at the very bottom of the page under “Meta.” To the left of “Meta” is a thumbnail picture of the art we use here at Turtle Talk. That thumbnail now takes you to a page with all of the information about the art and artists who worked with us at the Indigenous Law and Policy Center.

Finally, we’ve rearranged the pages at the top of Turtle Talk slightly. Instead of “Resources” we now have “ILPC Research Areas.” Under that tab we’ve put a link to our Occasional Paper Series along with all of the links that had been there (including a full list of all the Supreme Court Indian Law cases we can find since Williams v. Lee). The new artwork page is under “Indigenous Law Program” along with all of our events we put on here at MSU College of Law.

I think we’re set now on our end with the changes.  Thanks for your patience today.