One thought on “July Press Releases from the Assistant Secretary-Indian Affairs Office

  1. piet August 3, 2011 / 10:03 pm

    I think that the reality has not come,as each person gets a new boat and sled each year and most have destroyed what was given them. Acoountability as each and every person that gives a damn. Otherwise let them have land and no tax but only help really required ,the volumne of billions wasted and stolen,by your own people. round and round is all we have done for 100years+ so a one time 5000 dollar payment that will buy nothing but possesions[needed].Maybe they could shop away from walmart and support here instead of china as our stuff lasts a lot longer.Booze lasts a day. And why cant you take pride in what we have tried to do for the possesions houses and boats we all know that they are so trashed in a seoson that they are garbage when us whiteys have a boat for life

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