2 thoughts on “South Carolina ICWA Custody Battle

  1. Lisa Coppedge January 9, 2012 / 4:01 am

    Children do remember. I was 18 months old when I was adopted. I remember it. I love my adoptive family dearly. But…I wish ICWA had been there to protect me. My birth certificate states I am white. Which is not true. I even know why it says that. To help me be placed in a nice white family. Which is what happened. I love them and they are mine. But I lost something in the deal too. I lost my culture and my right to be called Native. No one asked if that was ok with me. Which its not and never will be. Its cost me a lot over the years and it will even keep me from adopting from my own race. But I still think ICWA is needed.
    I can see both sides of this. Sadly there always going to be pain with these situations. The child is Native and as such should never have been adopted by whites. ICWA was designed to protect the native children from being stolen away. I have some issues with the law but over all it was designed to protect the cultural and nations of the children in question. Yes Nations. That is what tribes are. We are stuck being dominated but a culture that would destroy us. ICWA was designed to at least give us a chance to survive as a culture. Is it sad that these adoptive parents got hurt. Yes it is. Its not the tribes fault someone did not follow the law properly. If they have an issue with this then they should have hired someone who knows the law. ICWA has been around for a long time and should never have been overlooked.
    No one is willing to admit that the child has the right to be raised as a native child. If she is not raised this way she will lose part of her self which is sad and destructive. In time she would be upset with her adoptive family. They need to see that if they are determined to force the issue. Are they willing to say hey we robbed you of your heart and soul but we got to raise you. Think on that one for a while.

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