Results of Round 1 in Turtle Talk Greatest Cases Tournament

Ok, here are the results of the first four match-ups in the Turtle Talk greatest cases tournament. All of the older cases won.

Match-up No. 1: (1) Worcester v. Georgia defeats (32) Salazar v. Ramah Navajo Chapter: 94 percent to 6 percent

Ramah ran into a buzzsaw in the first round, with Worcester probably a serious competitor for the greatest case of all time.

Match-up No. 2: (16) Santa Clara Pueblo v. Martinez defeats (17) Washington v. Fishing Vessel: 60 percent to 40 percent

Martinez survives an early challenge from what could be the greatest Indian law case of the Pacific northwest.

Match-up No. 3: (8) Arizona v. California defeats (25) Iowa Mutual v. LaPlante: 56 percent to 44 percent

The closest match-up of the first round, between the two of the more obscure precedents in the greatest cases tournament.

Match-up No. 4: (9) Menominee Tribe v. United States defeats (24) Oneida County v. Oneida Indian Nation: 75 percent to 25 percent

Menominee Tribe, which itself was a big upset when the Court decided in 1968, overruns Oneida II, a powerful win for tribal interests that did not age well, unfortunately.

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