Turtle Talk Greatest Cases Tournament: Last Series of Initial Round of Match-Ups

Well, we’ve gone through 12 match-ups. Voters are holding up without too much complaining. Here’s the final series of the initial round of 32:

Match-up No. 13

(2) The Kansas Indians (72US737) — Tax case giving real-world life to the Worcester holding about state law


(31) Cherokee Nation v. Leavitt (543US631) — First win in the ISDEAA contract support costs war

Match-up No. 14

(15) United States v. Wheeler (435US313) — Recognition of inherent tribal authority to prosecute Indians as a separate sovereign


(18) White Mountain Apache Tribe v. Bracker (448US136) — State law cannot touch FATCO; origin of Bracker preemption test

Match-up No. 15

(7) Williams v. Lee (358US217) — Indians have right to make own laws and be ruled by them


(26) California v. Cabazon Band of Mission Indians (480US202) — State laws can’t touch tribal bingo

Match-up No. 16

(10) Choctaw Nation v. Oklahoma (397US620) — Arkansas riverbed rights


(23) Solem v. Bartlett (465US463) — “Fairly clear analytic structure” for disestablishing a reservation near you