Greatest Cases Results for Round of 16 — Second Series

You’ve been waiting all day, I bet, for the results of this round. Well, here it is (I was busy).

(3) Ex parte Kan-Gi-Shun-Ca (Crow Dog) defeats (14) Bryan v. Itasca County — 73 percent to 27 percent

Crow Dog is a constitutional wrecking ball and knocks off its soul mate Bryan. Another 19th century precedent makes it to the final 8.

(6) Winters v. United States defeats (11) McClanahan v. Arizona State Tax Commission — 82 percent to 18 percent

I thought the tax protesters out there would step up, but timeless treaty rights are here to stay. It’s nice to be dead wrong once in a while.

(15) United States v. Wheeler defeats (2) The Kansas Indians — 57 percent to 43 percent

Closer than I thought, but it shows you how hard it is to topple a 19th century precedent. Now let’s go prosecute!

(7) Williams v. Lee defeats (23) Solem v. Bartlett — 88 percent to 12 percent

Not the biggest blow-out of the tournament, but right up there. A few hardy souls thought Solem has more juice than Williams. Good for them!

Next week we’ll tackle the Elite 8 and then the Final 4.