William Mitchell Law Review Symposium: The Dakota War of 1862


Colette Routel, Foreword

Paul Finkelman, “I Could Not Afford to Hang Men for Votes.”  Lincoln the Lawyer, Humanitarian Concerns, and the Dakota Pardons

Waziyatawin, Ph.D., Colonial Calibrations: The Expendability of Minnesota’s Original People

Angelique Townsend EagleWoman, Wintertime for the Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate: Over One Hundred Fifty Years of Human Rights Violations by the United States and the Need for a Reconciliation Involving International Indigenous Human Rights Norms

Howard J. Vogel, Rethinking the Effect of the Abrogation of the Dakota Treaties and the Authority for the Removal of the Dakota People from Their Homeland

Lenor A. Scheffler, Reflections of a Contemporary Minnesota Dakota Lawyer: Dakota Identity and its Impacts in 1862 and 2012

Sarah Deer and John Jacobson, Dakota Tribal Courts in Minnesota: Benchmarks of Self-Determination