New Book by Professor Bruce Duthu

Oxford University Press just released a new book by N. Bruce Duthu entitled “Shadow Nations: Tribal Sovereignty and the Limits of Legal Pluralism.” Find details on the Press website here. Here are some initial reviews, with more certainly to come soon:

“Duthu’s study reveals the complex and ancient reality of legal pluralism. This is inspiring work for nations and peoples in Latin America who embrace legal pluralism in the renewal of their constitutional systems.”–Eduardo Rodriguez Veltze, former President of Bolivia

“Shadow Nations is an elegant yet robust account of the complex and distinctive relationship between Indigenous Nations and the United States. It sheds needed light on a subject fraught with ambiguity and tension. Highly recommended.”–David E. Wilkins (Lumbee), University of Minnesota

“Duthu critically and humanely analyzes the trajectory of Indian-federal relations as he persuasively argues to re-invigorate a spirit of legal pluralism. Meticulous dissection of popular and juridical understandings of the key terms of our national history – sovereignty, self-determination, incorporation, liberalism, democracy, incorporation, citizenship – anchors the compelling moral, legal, and pragmatic strategies for action that Duthu presents in the final chapters. Grounded in history, critically engaged with legal systems, powered by social justice, and intellectually driven by Indigenous studies, Shadow Nations is a must read.”–K. Tsianina Lomawaima, Professor, American Indian Studies, University of Arizona

“This book digs through the details of Federal Indian law to effectively expose theoretical flaws eroding the foundations of tribal sovereignty. Duthu’s thoughtful reconstruction demonstrates how legal pluralism can build a jurisprudence which is both respectful of tribal sovereignty and the aspirations for freedom, liberty and equality which have long animated American political thought.”–John Borrows, Robina Chair in Law, Society, and Policy, Faculty of Law, University of Minnesota