Job Posting for Senior Advisor for Tribal Child Welfare for HHS/Adminstration for Children and Families


Job Title:Senior Advisor, GS-0301-14
Department:Department Of Health And Human Services
Agency:Administration for Children and Families
Job Announcement Number:HHS-ACF-DE-15-1245975

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·         Lead policy advice and policy direction to, and on behalf of, the Associate Commissioner in relation to tribal child welfare.
·         Provide the highest level of strategic policy advice to the Associate Commissioner on tribal child welfare.
·         Work with Deputy Associate Commissioner, Directors, Regional Program Mangers and across the Children’s Bureau to co-ordinate the implementation of the Associate Commissioner’s tribal child welfare priorities tribal child welfare legislation and programming.
·         Develop and maintain effective partnerships with a wide range of specialist stakeholders from the philanthropy, public and private sectors to ensure a fully inclusive approach to the development and implementation of the Associate Commissioner’s tribal child welfare strategies and policies.
·         Provide advice, guidance and assistance to ensure the development and implementation of policies, procedures, and systems needed to plan, develop, monitor and support work with tribes.
·         Review a variety of policy, programs and administrative actions, reports, and projects such as new and revised regulations, funding recommendation, program guidelines etc.
·         Develop methodology for and conduct special studies, independent analyses and sensitive assignments on matters related to tribal care welfare programs.
·         Recommend program improvement initiatives and regulatory and legislative strategies to improve program efficiency and effectiveness.