OAS to Resume Negotiations on the Draft American Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, Feb. 9-11

Negotiations on the Organization of American States (OAS) draft American Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples will resume in 2015 following a three year hiatus.  The Fifteenth Meeting of Negotiations will take place next week at the OAS in Washington, DC, February 9-11, 2015.  

All indigenous peoples are invited to participate and offer textual proposals on the articles listed in the agenda.  Some of the articles under consideration at this meeting include Article XII (right to cultural identity and integrity), Article XVIII (healthy environment), Article XX (self-government), and Article XXI (indigenous law and jurisdiction). 

More information on the negotiation, including the agenda, can be found here:http://www.oas.org/en/sla/dil/indigenous_peoples_negotiation_XV_meeting_2015.asp

Registration to attend this negotiation can be completed here: https://www.oas.org/forms/TakeSurvey.aspx?SurveyID=ll0Mmo6

For more information or assistance in participating, contact Karla General at the Indian Law Resource Center at kgeneral@indianlaw.org.