AILC 8th Annual Tribal Leadership Conference

The American Indian Law Center will be holding its 8th Annual Tribal Leadership Conference: Transitions, September 22-23, 2015 in Santa Ana Pueblo, NM.

This conference invites all tribal leaders, key tribal administrators, tribal court judges, and court administrators and clerks to participate, learn, and share experiences on federal, state, and local issues important to tribal nations.

Register by September 16; discounted hotel rooms available until September 1. A full agenda will be available soon.

Registration form and hotel information available here.

AILS Transitions 2015

One thought on “AILC 8th Annual Tribal Leadership Conference

  1. Richard Adame August 13, 2015 / 8:49 am

    Richard Adame said…

    Bozho Nikanek
    Hello My Friends

    The 4 tribes in Kansas recently joined the NCAI and the Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma in passing a resolution that urges congress to pass a law that would force states to repay illegally taxed military wages to all Native Americans who served in the armed forces and who were wrongfully taxed.

    No one seems to know about it. Not the Native voter,not the Native running for office and not even the Veterans who were illegally taxed.

    The United States congress is aware of the wrongful taxation and stopped the illegal activity in 2001 but failed to pass legislation to repay these veterans.
    A bill was even introduced into congress in 2004, the Native American Veteran Pay restoration Act, but it had no support and was quietly and quickly forgotten.

    Each of you and all of us have veterans in our families. This Native Vote website must take this information and make a video ,start a blog discuss the issue and ensure the Native Voters and those running for office with Native populations are aware of this injustice.
    Ask why congress admits taking millions but refuses to give it back. This illegal taxation happened to every Native Veteran whos state deducted state income taxes from all wages.

    Have you ever owed taxes? Were you late paying your taxes? Did the Government or state let you off with a warning? Or did they add a penalty? accrued interest? Late fee? All the above?

    They should have the same rules apply to their tardiness in repaying these veterans! Ahau Migwech

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