Preliminary Report on from California’s ICWA Compliance Task Force

Prelim Final – CA ICWA TF Report 6.10.2016

Press Release

SACRAMENTO – Insufficient services, severe underfunding, barriers preventing tribal participation and inadequate reunification efforts have undermined the effectiveness and promise of the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) in California, according to a preliminary report from a Task Force of tribal leaders from across the state, working independently to apprise the California’s Attorney General’s Bureau of Children’s Justice of these inadequacies.

The ICWA Compliance Task Force’s report recognizes that efforts have been undertaken to overcome cultural, procedural and funding challenges, but these ongoing obstacles continue to severely limit the implementation of ICWA in California, resulting in devastating impacts to Indian children, their families and their tribes.

2 thoughts on “Preliminary Report on from California’s ICWA Compliance Task Force

  1. Carlene A. Chamberlain June 24, 2016 / 12:16 pm

    I have been involved with my granddaughter since 2010 ICWA when she was removed but is at home with me since through Tribal Customary Adoption. This case began in Riverside County. I’ve complained many, many times with San Diego County, Riverside County and to the State about lack of concern for our Indian children. Many Indian leaders including San Diego County are not involved in ICWA cases. Expert witness to these cases fail to research the impact of their written statements that do more harm than good. The families are left out and there is little support to help the most precious children, our future, who are lost in a failed system. Social workers who lack insight, proper training, foster homes which are not properly screened house our children. They are mistreated, neglected, all for those who want to “make money”, and are not sensitive to our culture when placed in non native homes. I have experienced first hand with my granddaughter what she endured while in foster care. She is now a well child, healthy, and showered with so much love with our family. My heart hurts to this day what should have never happened in her young life. I do thank the few who walked this path with me, including the two social workers out of at least 13 in my case, the attorneys which I was fortunate to have because my Tribe cared enough about our people to become involved.

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