New Paper on the Impact of Indian Law Scholarship

Grant Christensen (The University of North Dakota) and Melissa L. Tatum (University of Arizona – James E. Rogers College of Law) have posted “Reading Indian Law: Evaluating Thirty Years of Indian Law Scholarship,” forthcoming in the Tulsa Law Review.

Here is the abstract:

This article surveys thirty years of law review articles and compiles a formal ranking system to create a list of the 100 most influential Indian law scholarly pieces from the last thirty years. As Indian law has grown from a niche field offered by a couple schools to a robust legal discipline it is now impossible for the thousands of professors, students, practitioners, and judges to identify the most important pieces published each year. This piece, with its first of its kind approach to ranking Indian law scholarship, has the potential to not only highlight other important works but to become an article that is itself the focus of conversation.

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