National Indian Law Library Bulletin (7/6/2018)


The National Indian Law Library added new content to the Indian Law Bulletins on 7/6/18.

Law Review & Bar Journal Bulletin

  • The potential effects of Strugeon v. Frost on Alaska Native corporations.
  • Federal Indian Law — First Circuit Court of Appeals clarifies Penobsoct Nation’s reservation boundary — Penobscot Nation v. Mills, 861 F.3D 324 (1st Cir. 2017).
  • “Ask me no questions”: The struggle for disclosure of cultural and genetic resource utilization in design.
  • Presidential authority to revoke or reduce national monument designations.

Federal Courts Bulletin
Ho-Chunk, Inc. v. Sessions (Contraband Cigarettes Trafficking Act; Tribal Corporations)

State Courts Bulletin
State v. Nobles (Criminal Jurisdiction)

News Bulletin
In the Land & Water section, we feature an article about a current land-trust case.

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