Bob Miller on Reviving Private Sector Economic Institutions in Indian Country

Robert J. Miller has posted “Sovereign Resilience: Reviving Private Sector Economic Institutions in Indian Country.” Here is the abstract:

Indian country in the United States is incredibly poor. Indian nations desperately need to develop reservation economic activities. Most tribal governments, however, are primarily focused on developing tribally owned businesses. This article argues for Indian peoples and governments to revive and regenerate their centuries’ old tribal institutions that promoted, supported, and protected private sector economic development and economies. Indian country and Indian peoples need to develop economic enterprises and activities in their homelands to ensure their sustainability by creating living wage jobs and adequate housing. Developing private sector economies, in addition to tribal public sector economies, will help create economic diversification on reservations, new businesses and jobs, protect from economic downturns, slow the “brain drain” that all rural areas suffer, and promote more spending which will help Indian country benefit from the “multiplier effect” as more and more money is spent, and re-spent, on reservations.

One thought on “Bob Miller on Reviving Private Sector Economic Institutions in Indian Country

  1. Wayne Mitchell August 5, 2018 / 3:38 pm

    Robert Miller is a brilliant American Indian scholar. We are are fortunate to have him as an activist for Indian people.

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