Notice Case out of Alabama [ICWA]


Sometimes even I am struck dumb by the notice cases:

A second form, dated in 2017 and signed by C.L.B., was also introduced into evidence. C.L.B. testified that his mother had assisted him in completing the 2017 form. On the 2017 form, C.L.B. listed Cherokee and “Ojibwa-(Chippewa)” as the tribes in which he, B.E.B., or one of B.E.B.’s paternal grandparents might have membership.

Star Pope testified that, at the direction of C.L.B., she had inquired of the paternal grandmother of B.E.B. regarding with which tribes C.L.B.’s family might be affiliated. She testified that the paternal grandmother of B.E.B. had informed her that C.L.B. was not affiliated with the Cherokee or Sioux tribes but that she had identified the Chippewa or Ojibwe tribe as a possibility. Pope testified that she had contacted authorities in several different states and that she had eventually been directed to a central location to which, she said, she had mailed a letter requesting information concerning whether B.E.B. would be recognized as an Indian child or have benefits under the ICWA. DHR introduced into evidence a letter dated May 4, 2016, that had been mailed to the ICWA representative from the Chippewa Indians of Mackinac, Michigan . . .

DHR also introduced a letter from the Bay Mills Indian Community dated May 19, 2016, in response to an inquiry from DHR; that letter indicated that B.E.B. was not eligible for membership in the Bay Mills Indian Community.