Job Announcements Announcement

Good afternoon!

We are very pleased that so many people have found our Friday legal job announcements to be useful. We are always happy to hear from people who have found jobs from the postings.

Just as a gentle reminder, all requests to post jobs must follow the format identified here:

and sent here:

If it doesn’t, we cannot guarantee your announcement will make into a Friday post. We have very limited staff at the ILPC and Turtle Talk, and as we ramp up for our students to return and plan our awesome conference, we appreciate your kindness and patience. We receive between 25-35 announcements weekly, and there will be (the rare) week when we may not be able to get the Friday post done due to other obligations. There is also the possibility we will simply miss something. In addition, we don’t go back and pull down old job posts when they expire–we simply don’t have the capacity for that.

We appreciate your help in making the Turtle Talk Friday job posting service possible for all the lawyers out there looking for Indian Country jobs!


Kate Fort