Sensitive Tribal Data Related to CARES Applications Released

We aren’t reporters, so this is a tough one to follow, but with NCAI’s statement, as well as that of Southern Ute, we are posting it. To answer one question I saw online, while this is related to the issues with the ANC’s accessing the CARES funding, in that it seems those who applied and the data they provided has now been “leaked”, this is not related to lawsuit filed Friday (as far as we know).


WASHINGTON, D.C. | The National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) is extremely disappointed and disturbed by the release of sensitive information that tribal governments and other entities submitted to the U.S. Department of the Treasury related to CARES Act Coronavirus Relief Funds. This release of sensitive information comes at a time when tribal governments are in dire need of resources to respond to and recover from the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. NCAI demands a full and swift investigation into the source of the data breach.

Southern Ute

Thanks to CW for the Southern Ute info via FB.