Lezmond Mitchell Letter in Support — Please Consider Signing

From Lezmond Mitchell’s defense team . . . .

Over the objections of the Navajo Nation, Lezmond Mitchell, the only Native American person on the federal government’s death row, is scheduled to be executed on August 26. 2020. Mr. Mitchell, a Navajo man who was just 20 years old at the time of his crime, was sentenced to death for killing two Navajo people on Navajo tribal land. Although the Navajo Nation opposed a death sentence for him – and has steadfastly maintained this opposition – the government exploited a legal loophole to capitally prosecute Mr. Mitchell.

Whether Mr. Mitchell lives or dies is now in President Trump’s hands. Mr. Mitchell has filed an application for executive clemency asking the President to commute his sentence to life without the possibility of release.

It is vital to demonstrate the widespread opposition to Mr. Mitchell’s death sentence from tribal  leaders and Native American citizens throughout the country. We hope you will add your name to a letter urging President Trump to grant him clemency. TIME IS RUNNING OUT FOR LEZMOND MITCHELL, so please click here to add your name now. Signatures must be received by August 16, 2020.

Thank you so much for adding your voice to this important effort, and please share this widely with other Native Americans.

Again, the letter is available at this link.