American Indian Law Review Vol. 45, Issue 1


Vol. 45, No. 1 (2020-2021)

Front Pages   PDF


ICWA’s Irony – Marcia Zug   PDF


The Secretary of the Interior Has the Authority to Take Land into Trust for Federally Recognized Alaska Tribes – Meghan O’Connor   PDF

“The Desert Is Our Home” – Kayla Molina   PDF


Coeur D’alene Tribe v. Hawks: Why Federal Courts Have the Power to Recognize and Enforce Tribal Court Judgments Against Nonmembers “Because of the Federal Government’s Unique Relationship with Indian Tribes” – Heath Albert   PDF

The Disproportionate Effect on Native American Women of Extending the Federal Involuntary Manslaughter Act to Include a Woman’s Conduct Against Her Child in Utero: United States v. Flute – Andie B. Netherland   PDF

Special Feature

Mirrored Harms: Unintended Consequences in the Grant of Tribal Court Jurisdiction over Non-Indian Abusers – Jonathan Riedel   PDF