Michigan Public Radio on Successful Brimley Elementary School


I took a trip to the U.P. last week to visit Brimley, a very tiny town on the shores of Lake Superior. Aside from the Bay Mills Indian Community reservation and the area’s natural beauty, there’s not much to the place aside from a couple bars, a gas station, and a motel. But the residents are very friendly (I was invited to a smelt dinner the first night I arrived), and they celebrate their own: a recent issue of the local paper featured the elementary school’s Students of the Month, complete with photos and quotes from teachers.


Well, this school has a high population of Native American children and kids from low-income families — two groups that statistically struggle in school. But here at Brimley they’re doing well; they are way above the state standard on tests and have been for the past several years.

Via Bryan Newland, who else?