Fletcher on Becoming an American Indian Law Professor

I just posted on SSRN a short paper I prepared for the National Native Law Students Association annual meeting career panel last month at the Pojoaque Pueblo: “On Becoming an American Indian Law Professor.” Here is the abstract:

There are only a few dozen American Indians who are enrolled tribal members who are tenure system law professors in American law schools. In fact, in our quick review of the American Association of Law Schools roster of teachers who list themselves as Native American Law instructors, we found fewer than 30 tribal members who are currently tenure system law professors. We study this group, as well as a few known tribal members who have either retired or left the academy for loftier pursuits, for purposes of identifying the profiles of tribally enrolled American Indians on the tenure track in American law schools. The object of this short paper is to advise American Indian law students and others on how to become an American Indian law professor.

I wrote this before all the Elizabeth Warren stuff came out. There’s more to say about that, I suppose, but that’s for another time.