Problems with Passive Voice Part Infinity–Children Missing in KS Foster Care

Here is the original article.

Here is the response/statement from Kansas DCF:

The reality is quite different from what “outraged” legislators would have you believe. Allow me to share with you who the children are, we consider missing. In 92 percent of the cases, they are young people, ages 12 and older. They have been removed from the only home they know, placed in an unfamiliar setting, and they miss their families, their schools and their communities. And they are eager to find a way to get back to them.

Maybe I shouldn’t write this on an empty stomach, but WHO removed these children? WHO put them in an unfamiliar setting? Away from their schools and communities? WHO accepted responsibility for them? And then WHO contracted out their care and protection to private agencies?  Oh, that’s right.

You don’t get to blame the kids you lose when it’s your job to keep tabs on them.