Fake Indian Tribe Wins Court Case in Minnesota

The Minnesota Court of Appeals reversed a trial court judgment excising financing statements filed in Minnesota by a fake Indian tribe — Pembina Nation Little Shell Band (not to be confused with the real Little Shell Band). Here is the unpublished opinion, which does not opine on the merits of the filings. But keep in mind, the underlying “tribal court” decision in which these filings arose stated that the individuals were “as agents acting in concert with the Commissioner of Revenue of the Minnesota Department of Revenue” — classic crazy tax protester language.

One thought on “Fake Indian Tribe Wins Court Case in Minnesota

  1. Linus February 4, 2009 / 3:47 pm

    I ❤ Crazy tax protesters, conspiracy theorists, and other advancers of frivolous claims. I mean, I love them as a subject of study, not out of sympathy for their arguments, or their effect on crowded dockets, etc.

    Doubtless the tax protester crowd will trumpet this decision as vindication of their lunatic beliefs, kind of how they do with Cheek v. United States, despite the fact that Cheek ended up losing, and so will these folks…

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