Call for Papers: South Dakota Law Review

From the South Dakota Law Review:

The South Dakota Law Review is pleased to announce that it has
selected the 20th anniversary of the Employment Division v. Smith
decision as the topic for its annual symposium issue.  The Smith
decision remains central to our understanding of the scope of religious
protection Americans enjoy and continues to provoke much debate.  The
anniversary provides an occasion for scholars to engage the decision,
its impact on Free Exercise doctrine, and the subsequent actions by
Congress and the federal courts in the area of Free Exercise.

The Law Review invites the submission of abstracts on any facet of policy
or law research relating to the symposium topic.  The topic will
encompass diverse areas of religion and the law, with an emphasis on Indian law and constitutional law.

To submit an abstract for publication consideration, send an electronic copy of the abstract by email to by August 10, 2007.  All abstracts must contain original work that has not previously been published.